Prototype Machining

Norman Noble’s advanced prototype machining capabilities are provided using dedicated equipment located in our independent Process Development Centers. This enables our prototype machining technologies to be isolated from the production manufacturing areas. Our experienced team of engineers work within our Process Development Centers to develop and validate the most efficient manufacturing processes required to machine your products to exact drawing specifications.


Swiss Prototype MachiningIn this Process Development Center, Norman Noble works closely with your product design engineers to ensure micromachining accuracy – before production begins. We develop technologically advanced machining capabilities to meet the need, and in many cases enable our customers to design and develop next generation medical devices and implants. Our knowledgeable engineering staff Design For Manufacturability (DFM) to support the manufacturing of your component or device from initial prototype through all steps of FDA approval and full production requirements. Our proprietary manufacturing and finishing technologies enable our customers to bring products to market that might otherwise be considered cost prohibitive or unable to be manufactured using standard available manufacturing methods.

Rapid Development Prototyping

Norman Noble, Inc., the world’s leading contract manufacturer of next-generation implants, has added dedicated capacity and engineering in its Process Development Centers (PDCs) to produce prototype iterations faster for medical device OEMs. Our prototyping capabilities, are currently available for implant designs made from exotic materials, including Nitinol and bioresorbable polymers.


Laser Processing of Nitinol shape-set implant designs:
  • Vascular Stents
  • Components for Transcatheter Heart Valves
  • Neurovascular Devices and Flow Diverters
  • Atrial Appendages
5-Axis Micro Milling & Turning of Orthopedic Implant Designs:
  • Polyaxial Screws
  • Bone Plates
  • Bone Anchors
  • Spine Assemblies


Rapid Development Prototyping fills a critical need for medical device OEMs who, until now, had to choose between an ultra-fast 3D printed plastic prototype, or fully conforming machined part requiring longer lead times to produce.


We also offer new ON-SITE Rapid Development prototyping services. This enables OEM Engineers to visit our facilities, as their designs are being manufactured real-time. Medical device engineers can now get metallic-based prototypes in a few days, allowing them to complete functional or verification testing and move faster to the next design iteration.


Norman Noble Process Development Centers support customers with ultra-precision micromachining of medical devices from initial prototype, through all stages of FDA approval, to full-scale manufacturing. The company's process development centers are central to its customers' ability to bring next-generation medtech devices to market quickly and cost-effectively, while meeting quality, delivery and regulatory requirements.


Dedicated Centers for Prototypes

Norman Noble, Inc. utilizes our Process Development Centers to support the prototype manufacturing of your medtech design innovations:

Laser Machining & Welding Prototype Services

Laser Machining & Welding Prototype Services


Prototype inquiries can be sent to or visit our RFQ page. You can call 800-474-4322 to speak with our inside technical sales team.


Please review our Nitinol Tubing Inventory List of material sizes available for Norman Noble, Inc. process development & manufacturing of Nitinol prototypes.  Additional material sizes are available based on project requirements.