Vendor Managed Inventory

Through its Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, Norman Noble, Inc. can act as your complete warehousing solution, allowing you to manage your inventory off-site so you can devote your own space to what you do best. Many of our medical implant and device OEM customers use our VMI programs because VMI enables them to maintain control over supply and have a defined level of safety stock on hand at Norman Noble to satisfy short-term spikes in demand. Customers using our VMI program interact directly with Norman Noble’s Master Planning team to coordinate product delivery pull-in and push-out based on forecasted usage requirements. Supply agreements define the terms of the VMI engagement and outline the forecasting requirements necessary for capacity planning.


VMI Advantages

  • Remstar inventory management systems that efficiently store finished goods in computer controlled, secured units.
  • Dedicated drawers for each customer’s components.
  • MRP Network software with bar coding technology to manage each individual VMI program.