Microprecision Contract Manufacturing

Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source for microprecision contract manufacturing of medical implants and devices. We specialize in micromachining of exotic materials to very complex geometries with dimensional tolerances to +/-.0001". For over 70 years, customers have relied on our expertise, capabilities, and professionalism. Applying their incomparable knowledge and experience, our highly trained staff of engineers and technicians develops the custom manufacturing processes required to take your project from prototype to full-scale manufacturing.

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Leading NiTinol Experts: The combination of our experience and advanced manufacturing processes makes Norman Noble, Inc. the best source for microprecision machining, shape setting and electropolishing of NiTinol products. In fact, Norman Noble produces NiTinol implants and devices for many of the OEMs in the medical device industry utilizing the most advanced processes:

  • Design For Manufacturability
  • Design Testing Services
  • Laser Machining
  • Laser Welding
  • EDM
  • Swiss Turning & Milling
  • Shape Setting
  • Automated Electropolishing

Vertical Integration: We employ proprietary machining and finishing capabilities to enable the manufacturing of your most innovative products to finished drawing specifications. Among our capabilities as the largest contract manufacturer of Nitinol implants in the world, we offer design for manufacturability (DFM) services, laser machining, shape setting and electropolishing of super-elastic and shape-memory Nitinol. Our DSC testing and SEM analysis provide us the unique ability to manufacture Nitinol implants for the medical device industry. Cleanroom assembly and packaging enable us to provide your products manufactured complete. In addition, we have dedicated operations for Stent Manufacturing and Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing. Please visit our Capabilities page for a full list of services.

Prototype to Production: Norman Noble provides advanced prototype machining capabilities using equipment located in 5 dedicated, independent Process Development Centers (PDC’s), wholly separate from our production manufacturing areas. Our experienced team of engineers work within our Process Development Centers to develop and validate the most efficient manufacturing processes required to machine your products to exact engineering specifications. We can apply any or all of the following steps to bring your product from prototype to production:

  • Prototype Machining
  • Process Development
  • Design For Manufacturability
  • Design and Testing
  • Process Validation

Process Validation and Quality Assurance: Norman Noble Inc. has performed more than 1,700 process validations for Class II and III medical implants and devices. Having experience with 18 of the top medical device OEMs, we’ve distilled our validation process into a fine-tuned, but continually progressing set of best practices.


We believe control and inspection are essential to assuring accuracy in medical device manufacturing, which requires an unwavering commitment to quality. Our quality system is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and IS0 13485:2012 and our Process Validation Department works to meet your manufacturing objectives and provide IQ/OQ, MSV, PQ/PPQ, TMV, DOE, and risk analysis, etc., to fulfill your product requirements.

Our Mission

Medical Manufacturing


Norman Noble, Inc. is the most technologically advanced medical device contract manufacturer in the medtech industry supplying 18 of the top 20 medtech OEM’s in the world. With our unique micromachining and finishing capabilities we prototype, validate and manufacture your newest medical device, component and implant designs. We have deep expertise producing medical devices for numerous applications including:

Vascular - Class III implants and devices, such as stents, components for heart valves, scaffolds, embolic filters, and neurovascular clot removal devices

Orthopedic - Screw and plate implants used in spine, trauma, extremities, and maxillofacial applications

Endoscopy - Rigid and flexible endoscope components & finished biopsy forceps devices

Arthroscopy - Ligament repair devices, including anchor implants, ablation devices, and bone shavers

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