The Largest Laser Contract Manufacturer of Vascular Implants.

Rapid prototype through production.

At Norman Noble, our stent machining, heart valve machining and clot puller machining technologies are second to none. We utilize dedicated process development engineering teams to design custom manufacturing and nitinol electropolish finishing processes for the most challenging of next-gen vascular implants and nitinol medical devices and implants.

With more than 130 proprietary laser machines, shape setting nitinol, automated nitinol electropolishing and dimensional inspection systems, Norman Noble supports vascular implant manufacturing from prototype manufacturing through production. Our vertically integrated stent machining and finishing technologies produce active implants from exotic materials that have the most unique geometries and tightest tolerances.

Vascular Implant Machining

Our vascular implant manufacturing capabilities include automated laser machining systems, automated honing systems, automated nitinol shape setting systems, over 30 automated nitinol electropolishing systems, and over 30 automated dimensional inspection systems that can provide thousands of measurements for each and every stent we manufacture.

Our newest VASCULAR IMPLANT manufacturing technologies include the use of our Noble STEALTH system. A HAZ-free athermal laser process that produces stents, implants and medical devices from metals like nitinol, bioabsorbable polymers, and other metallic alloy materials.


Neurovascular Clot Removal Nitinol Medical Devices
Neurovascular Clot Removal Medical Devices and Embolic Filters
Nitinol Implant - Heart Valve Components and Heart Pump Components
Heart Valve Components
AAA Stents - Nitinol Manufacturing
AAA Nitinol Stents
Venous Stents - Nitinol Implant Manufacturing
Venous Nitinol Stents
Bioresorbable Scaffolds
Bioresorbable Scaffolds
Nitinol Implant - Peripheral SFA Nitinol Stents and Vessel Closure Devices
Peripheral SFA Nitinol Stents and Vessel Closure Devices
Carotid Stents - Nitinol Stents
Carotid Nitinol Stents
Nitinol Implant - Peripheral BTK Stents and Atherectomy Medical Devices
Peripheral BTK Stents and Atherectomy Devices