Design For Manufacturing

Experienced. Collaborative. Technology Driven.

Design optimization to achieve manufacturability yield & cost goals from prototype through commercialization.


Product design contributes significantly to the overall cost of the finished medical device. Design For Manufacturing (DFM) is the process of proactively designing products:

  • To use the most innovative and cost effective manufacturing methods.
  • To align the design specifications with the functional requirements and optimize the manufacturing functions, including: fabrication, finishing, testing, assembly and packaging.
  • To use automation and validated processes to ensure the highest level of quality, regulatory compliance and speed-to-market.

Norman Noble assesses a Design for Manufacturability project’s viability by determining:

  • Can we take the current concept to something that can be manufactured and compliant?
  • Can it be reviewed and revised to enable Norman Noble to use the newest and most efficient technology to reduce cost and maximize quality?
  • Can it be validated so the process can be repeated for a high yield?

Benefits of partnering with Norman Noble on Design for Manufacturability:

  • Access to Norman Noble‘s Innovative Machining and Finishing technologies for Medical Implants and Devices.
  • Product design establishes the feature set, how well the features work, and, hence, the marketability of the product.
  • Prototypes manufactured in dedicated Process Development Centers.
  • The design determines 80% of the cost and has significant influence on yield.
  • Norman Noble is the largest laser contract manufacturer and we manufacture the most Nitinol based implants in the world.