Rapid Prototyping

Prototype Parts in 5 Days.

Norman Noble has dedicated engineering resources and process development centers for producing rapid prototypes.

Rapid Development Prototyping – Full Process Development Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping for Vascular Implants and Orthopedic Devices

Prototyping is a critical need for new product development of Vascular Implants and Orthopedic Implants. We offer prototype categories outlined to support each customer’s unique part testing needs and project timelines and integrate the newest machining equipment and finishing technologies required to manufacture parts from the most challenging materials & geometries. We also chose to invest heavily in dedicated facilities to manufacture quick-turn prototypes, allowing our customers to complete functional or verification testing and move faster to the next design iteration.


  • Parts will meet all DWG specifications.
  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks depending on material availability and circumstances.


  • Parts may NOT meet all drawing specifications (i.e. dimensionally, visually).
  • NNI supplied or customer supplied material.
  • Parts do get inspected and documented.
  • Delivery: 1-3 weeks depending on circumstances.


  • Material must be immediately available, in stock at NNI or provided by customer.
  • Final inspection for laser machined parts: captures the wall thickness and confirms all features are present. A few critical dimensions are provided for conventional turned or milled parts.
  • For laser machined parts: flat pattern DXF provided for programming before receipt of PO. Solid models for required for all turned or milled parts.
  • Delivery:  3-5 days after receipt of order, material and program files (i.e. dxf., solid model).

We also offer ON-SITE Rapid Prototyping. Medical device engineers can visit our facilities as their design iterations are being manufactured and within only a few days, receive accurate, metallic-based prototypes that mimic conceptual drawings in their preferred material. A sampling of our ON-SITE Rapid Development capabilities for prototyping include laser processing of nitinol shape-set implant designs, 5-Axis Micro Milling & Turning of orthopedic implant designs.