Noble Technology

Next Generation Medical Implants

Manufacturing capabilities for complex designs.

Advanced Technologies provide Manufacturing Solutions for the Most Challenging Designs

Facts at a Glance:

  • Continuous investment in newest manufacturing technologies
  • Proprietary laser systems are state-of-the-art
  • Automated equipment and machining methods
  • Development centers integrate new system advancements

With unmatched prototyping and engineering expertise, we continuously work to develop and utilize the newest machining and finishing technologies to manufacture the most challenging medical implant designs. Throughout our history, we have continually invested in the newest manufacturing technologies and processes required to produce our OEM customers’ products. Our latest investments include our Noble STEALTH technology, Additive Manufacturing , and Noble Synchroflash.

Some examples of the types of Vascular Implants & Devices and Orthopedic Implants we manufacture using our specialized micromachining capabilities and automated finishing technologies include: transcatheter heart valve components, vascular stents for cardio and neuro and peripheral applications, neuro clot removal devices, bioresorbable scaffolds, vessel closure implants, spinal implants, orthopedic screws and plates, catheter-based implant deployment devices and components, maxillofacial screws and plates, and multi-leaf collimator assemblies used for radiation therapy.

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Athermal Laser Machining

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