Athermal Laser

Maximum Precision. Zero Damage.

Norman Noble’s proprietary STEALTH athermal lasers provide unmatched capabilities on a wide range of materials.

Athermal lasers enable the machining of next generation Vascular Implants and Orthopedic Implants that otherwise would be impossible to produce.

NOBLE STEALTH (System To Enable Ablation Laser Technology HAZ-Free), a Norman Noble-exclusive, represents the most advanced athermal laser technology available for production of medical implants. Our STEALTH athermal lasers create highly precise features in every material, including bioabsorbable polymers, shape memory metals and other exotic alloys, without producing any heat affected zone (HAZ). This can reduce—and in some cases eliminate—costly deburring and post-processing steps, increasing both product quality and yield.

We provide product design teams with a capability never before achieved on a production-ready platform. The narrow kerf capability combined with accelerated processing speed, makes STEALTH the solution for newest vascular implant designs with smallest geometry and highest fatigue requirements.

Facts at a Glance:

  • No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Fastest HAZ-Free laser process
  • .00045” kerf width for nitinol
  • .00025” kerf width for bioresorbable
  • Validated laser process

Athermal Laser Machining

Materials and Applications

What We Make

Bioresorbable Scaffolds
Vascular Stent Implants:
    AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm)
    BTK (Below The Knee)

Transcatheter Heart Valve Implants and Frames:
    Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Neurovascualr Clot Retrieval Devices, Flow Diverters, Embolic Filters
Arterial Closure Implants
Atrial Fibrillation Devices
Vena Cava Filter Implants
Renal Denervation Devices
Spinal Implants and Devices
Extremity Screw and Plate Implants and Devices
Ligament Repair Anchors and Devices

Materials We Use

Bioresorbable Polymers
Cobalt Chrome

Example Parts We’ve Manufactured

Dedicated Process Development Teams

Our experienced team of engineers work within our Process Development Centers (PDCs) to develop and validate cost-effective manufacturing methods required to produce prototype parts for our customers’ medtech product innovations.

Rapid Prototyping

Dedicated resources for athermal micromachining prototype design and delivery in 2 weeks

Process Development

Dedicated athermal process development team ensures production-ready design


FDA-validated athermal production methodology toughest ISO/CGMP standards


The most efficient, high volume production facilities in the market