Decades of Hands-on Experience.

Norman Noble uses automated and validated EP systems.

At Norman Noble, we manufacture our customers’ products that depend on ultra-precision micromachining and finishing. Our automated electropolishing processes are custom designed to remove metal, and enhance the surface for each medical grade alloy we process, including nitinol.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry and experience is vital for electropolishing, because if expertly done, it alone can improve the surface finish many-fold, and greatly improve the passive surface. Our experienced engineering team works with the customer’s design requirements to allow for the proper material removal.

Our electropolishing systems can improve fatigue by removing cold working stresses, heat affected zones (HAZ), microcracks, and also can be used to soften edges, stress risers, maximize fatigue resistance, improve surface smoothness, luster, and enhance passivity. It is often considered the standard finishing process for medical implants.

Facts at a Glance:

  • Automated systems – no rack marks
  • Dedicated systems for stainless, cobalt chrome, nitinol
  • Validated processes
  • Processes for corner rounding or sharpening

Materials and Applications

What We Make

Vascular Stents
Neurovascular Implants and Devices
Heart Valve Frame Components
Bone Screws
Vessel Closure Implants
Vena Cava Filters

Materials We Use

Stainless Steel Alloys

Production and Capacity

Norman Noble Inc. has over 6,000 sq. feet of combined manufacturing space dedicated to electropolishing located throughout 3 facilities, and 31 Automated Electropolishing Systems for vascular stents.

Nitinol Electropolishing

Example Parts We’ve Manufactured

Dedicated Process Development Teams

Nitinol Implant

Our experienced team of engineers works within our Process Development Centers (PDCs) to develop and validate cost-effective manufacturing methods required to produce prototype parts for our customers’ medtech product innovations.

Nitinol Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

Dedicated resources for micromachining prototype design and delivery in 2 weeks

Stent Machining


FDA-validated production methodology toughest ISO/CGMP standards

Stent Manufacturing


The most efficient, high volume production facilities in the market