Swiss Milling & Turning

In a Single Operation.

Norman Noble specializes in Swiss machining components from exotic materials with tolerances of +/- .0001”.

Used for very complex micro implants (i.e., neurovascular components, cannulated bone screws, bone anchors), Swiss machining encompasses multiple operations, including turning, milling, gun drilling and thread whirling.

We specialize in Swiss machining components from exotic materials and can achieve tolerances of +/- .0001”.

Our process development team utilizes the newest technology equipment and designs manufacturing methods to minimize or eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Download: Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing Capabilities

Facts at a Glance:

  • SynchroFlash performs laser machining, turning, and milling in a single machine
  • Specializing in vascular implants and orthopedic implants
  • Exotic materials including nitinol and PEEK

Swiss Mill and Laser Machining

Noble SynchroFlash combines Swiss turning & milling with laser machining to create one, highly efficient and cost-effective operation. Noble SynchroFlash provides cost savings, faster production, better quality and higher yields versus competing manufacturing methods, which require multiple, separate processes.

Materials and Applications

What We Make

Bone Screws (Cannulated, Self Drilling, Polyaxial and Pedicle)
Orthopedic Ligament Anchors
Eye Implants
Heart Valve Components
Vessel Closure Components
Neurovascular Components
Arthroscopic Device Components
Endoscopic Device Components

Materials We Use

Stainless Steel Alloys
Titanium Alloys

Production and Capacity

Our extensive capacity for Swiss Style Turning & Milling includes 55 of the newest machines across 2 facilities.

Vascular Implant Machining

Example Parts We've Manufactured

Dedicated Process Development Teams

Vascular Implant Machining

Prototype machining capabilities for Swiss Milling & Turning projects are provided using dedicated equipment in our independent Process Development Center, which is isolated from the production manufacturing floor.

Nitinol Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

Dedicated resources for micromachining prototype design and delivery in 2 weeks

Nitinol Implant Machining


FDA-validated production methodology toughest ISO/CGMP standards

Stent Machining


The most efficient, high volume production facilities in the market