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New Product Implementation Pathway

collaboration at every phase

Norman Noble's New Product Implementation (NPI) strategy offers unparalleled transparency at every stage of your product’s development. Our phased approach is designed to ensure quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Norman Noble Rapid Prototypes of Medical Devices and Implants

A Phased Approach to Excellence

  • Norman Noble's phased approach to the manufacturing development process enhances our ability to deliver high-quality medical implants and devices with improved time to market.
  • This approach begins with either initial development for new products or characterization for existing ones, followed by process optimization, validation, and finally, production ramp.
  • By breaking down the development into these distinct phases, we ensure better planning, more rigorous testing, and faster implementation.

Phase 1: Initial Development or characterization

  • Norman Noble engineers collaborate directly with customers on the design for manufacturing new customer designs.
  • For existing commercialized products, the NPI team characterizes the current product against existing specifications and functional performance, even when these items are not fully defined. 

Phase 2: Optimization

  • Norman Noble manufacturing process optimization activities involve developing nominal process parameters, process controls, and robust inspection methods.
  • This stage focuses on improving Norman Noble manufacturing process efficiencies and product yield to meet both drawing standards and customer cost targets.

Phase 3: Validation

  • Validation is conducted to meet regulatory requirements and ensure Norman Noble’s commitment to delivering compliant, repeatable products to customers.

Phase 4: Production Ramp

  • The validated process is scaled to meet customer needs in terms of product launch and volume.