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Norman Noble, Inc. Named Top Manufacturer for Spinal Fusion Market - August, 2017 - The Global Spinal Fusion Devices Market Research Report 2017........more

Norman Noble, Inc. - Featured Article on Medical Design & Outsourcing - February, 2017 - "How Norman Noble is furthering medical device manufacturing Northeast Ohio". Norman Noble (Highland Heights, Ohio) continues to innovate in the medical device manufacturing space through capabilities including its Noble SynchroFlash Machining and Noble STEALTH (System To Enable Ablation Laser Technology Haz-free).........more

Norman Noble, Inc. Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation in Cleveland - August, 2016 - Norman Noble, Inc., the world’s leading contract manufacturer of next-generation medical implants is celebrating its 70th year of business in Northeast Ohio........more

Norman Noble, Inc. Featured in the Latest Issue of Medical Design & Outsourcing - June, 2016 - Understanding nitinol implant design and manufacturing: The nickel-and titanium-alloy know as nitinol is a super-elastic shape-memory alloy responsible for major advancements in medical technology over the last 15 years........more

White Paper: Nitinol Implant Design and Manufacturing - March, 2016 - The nickel and titanium alloy known as Nitinol, is a super-elastic shape-memory alloy responsible for major advances in medical technology over the last 15 years. Nitinol is a highly elastic material that can be processed to maintain a desired geometry. These properties, combined with high fatigue resistance and its ability to provide constant force over a wide range of displacements makes it ideally suited for use in numerous medical implants and devices including:........more

Norman Noble, Inc. Introduces New ON-SITE Rapid Development Prototype Services- February, 2016 - Norman Noble, Inc., the world’s leading contract manufacturer of next-generation implants, has added dedicated capacity in its Process Development Centers (PDCs) to produce prototype iterations faster for medical device OEMs. The new capability, dubbed ON-SITE Rapid Development Effort (RDE), is currently available for:........more

Norman Noble, Inc. to participate on panel discussion at 2015 Cleveland Clinic Innovations Summit Neurosciences on October 25-28- October, 2015 - Subject: Moment(s) of Truth: The Prototype's Journey to the Marketplace - Even the seemingly best ideas can fail in the final, most important stage of the innovation process. Experts will discuss the practical strategies for positioning a prototype for market adoption.........more

Norman Noble, Inc. Introduces Noble SynchroFlash Machining- October, 2015 - New Capability Synchronizes Swiss Turning & Milling and Laser Machining into a Single Manufacturing Operation for Improved Processing Speed and Quality. Norman Noble, Inc., the world’s leading contract manufacturer of next generation implants, introduced SynchroFlash, a new machining capability that synchronizes Swiss turning & milling and laser machining into one, highly efficient and cost-effective operation........more

Athermal Laser Machining For Medical Implants Creating highly precise features with no heat-affected zones - July, 2015 - Thermal lasers have achieved extraordinary results in microprecision manufacturing of medical implants and devices the past 20 years. Devices we take for granted today, such as vascular stents, could not be produced without the technology, however there are still significant limitations on what medical implant and device manufactures can produce using thermal lasers........more

Design For Manufacturability: Design Optimization Collaboration Provides Lowest Total Cost for Medical Implants - June, 2015 - Product design contributes significantly to the overall cost of the finished medical device. As a result, medical device OEM's that have the foresight to consider manufacturing and design issues up front shorten their product development time, minimize development cost and.......more

FDA Compliant Validation of Medtech Implants and Devices - April, 2015 - Validation is a critical component of process design and manufacturing. The purpose of validation is to establish by objective evidence that a process consistently produces a result or product that meets its predetermined requirements. This purpose requires an unwavering commitment to quality.......more

Norman Noble, Inc. to Open New Process Development Center In Naples, Florida - March, 2015 - In a move that will grow its overall market share of medical implant manufacturing in the United States, Norman Noble, Inc. will open a new process development center in Naples, Florida. The new facility, dubbed 5-Axis Micro Milling and Turning Process Development Center South (PDC South),.......more

Norman Noble Introduces Medtech Design and Testing Services - August, 2014 - Design and Testing services meet growing demand for turnkey manufacturing of next-generation medical devices and nitinol implants.......more

Norman Noble Launches NOBLE S.T.E.A.L.T.H. SM Ultra-Fast, HAZ-Free Laser Machining Technology - March, 2014 - Medical device contract manufacturer Norman Noble, Inc. today announced Noble S.T.E.A.L.T.H. (System To Enable Ablation Laser Technology Haz-Free), an exclusive, athermal laser machining process that represents an advancement of several magnitudes in medical device production.......more

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